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The Russell Lab at Virginia Tech is just starting out... but there is a lot going on! Circular systems research is both quantitative and qualitative - we are exploring:


  • Repair and repair systems in the USA;

  • Circular business model innovation and practice;

  • The role of policy, culture, and technological advancement (Industry 4.0) in activating and facilitating CE;

  • The role of reuse activities to facilitate inclusive and accessible economies;

  • The integration of bio-based materials and systems-thinking into the transformation of the built-environment;

  • The evolution of education systems that are needed to enable circular economic thinking for the future; and 

  • How human well-being might be improved through the realization of circular economies and systems..

Underway since Dec. 2019, the "Creating a Repair Society to advance the Circular Economy - Policies, Networks & People" project has been conducted in collaboration with the IIIEE at Lund University. Funded by FORMAS, the Swedish research council, the current state of repair and repair systems in Sweden and the USA are explored to identify opportunities for improvement, best practice, and the clarification of a vision for repair within the circular economy. (LINK)

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